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It's not about the technology. <br>It;s about keeping yourbusiness running

What does business continuity mean to you?

When your server crashes, you get hit with a computer virus or you experience a power outage, keeping your business up and running with minimal down time and customer frustration is paramount. When disaster happens we can virtualize your systems and you can keep running your business. Thatís business continuity.

You may hear a lot of backup solutions on the radio these days. While they may have their place for your home data, they are not designed for business data, files and systems. And they wonít keep your business running in the event of a technical or natural disaster.


We'll help you understand:

  • Pros and cons of backup technologies

  • The quality of data restoration

  • The importance of recovery time

  • The odds of downtime and how to keep your business operational

With Delta Data Services the answers are ďyes.Ē
And, the switch is easier and more cost effective than you may think.

Contact Mike Yarbrough at (901) 753-7123 today to investigate how to keep your business going.

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A business continuity solution is the answer. Itís more than backup alone can offer. And itís more cost effective and easier to manage than you may think. Let us show you.

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Digium - Phone Systems
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